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Preparing Secondary Students for Work

Career education self-assessment tool for schools


Career education self-assessment tool for schools

About the career education self-assessment tool for schools

Content and supporting resources for the Career education self-assessment tool were developed by the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). The tool has been developed around the Key elements for enhanced career education for students  identified in the Preparing Secondary Students for Work framework. The tool assists schools to reflect on their career education programs and identify areas of good practice and areas where there is room for improvement.


The tool can be used by a range of users including the school leadership team, Principals, teachers, career advisers and career education teachers. Schools who are able to demonstrate a high level of achievement in each of the six key elements will be providing a career education program that meets international best practise and is of high quality.


Getting started

Click on the button below for further information and to access the Career education self-assessment tool. You can move through the self-assessment tool at your own pace and save your responses and return to complete your self-assessment at any time by selecting the ‘save and continue’ button. On completion of your self-assessment, you will be able to reflect on your responses to identify areas of improvement and areas of high performance. A range of resources are provided for you to access to help plan and implement changes to improve and enhance career education at your school.



 Career education self-assessment tool for school


Career education self-assessment tool V1.0 (PDF)








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